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Meet Lynda

Lynda O'MaraDesigning beautiful, functional, fun and affordable jewelry is one of my passions. I have done some type of crafts all of my life and jewelry design is the most fun and satisfying of all that I've done.

I have been dedicating myself even more to working on jewelry since the late 90s (in my spare time, since I'm still running my Internet Consulting and graphic design business, LOmara Designs) . I love, love making things that people really appreciate and want for themselves or for gifts. I love my business and working with my clients, but the jewelry that I make really speaks to my soul, so I create time for it.

When I started beading, I started with bead weaving and stringing beads on wire, which was great for a long time, but I found myself wanting more. A few years ago, I found some popular brass findings and discovered that I could color them. Wow!! That opened up a whole new world. I even bought an embossing machine so that I could emboss the pieces and color them. That allowed me to start making jewelry that was so much more fun than just stringing beads together with a nice focal that I had purchased. Now I can actually make and color my designs!!

TessaMy office manager, Tessa (or Tessarina) does her best to contribute to my businesses as long as it does not compete with her petting and feeding times.

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